Small business owners wear many hats and often need help from an outside source. At Neighborhood Concepts, we offer technical assistance in the form of business development services such as business planning, assistance with forecasting, marketing, etc. This technical assistance is available to prospective applicants, current applicants, and current borrowers. Many small businesses will encounter roadblocks when seeking start-up funding or capital for expansion. When this happens, Neighborhood Concepts can many times provide the financing necessary to encourage businesses and individuals to invest in the future of north Alabama.

In conversations with our clients, Neighborhood Concepts utilizes GrowthWheel a proven concept used worldwide by business advisors in their interactions with entrepreneurs and small business owners. GrowthWheel is a visual checklist that gives a business a 360 degree view of the business. It helps to focus on where to make decisions and take action. Neighborhood Concepts has a certified GrowthWheel advisor on staff that can help you.

Our business advisory services coupled with our lending activities provide businesses with the business tools they need to grow and transition to more traditional sources of financing.

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