Staff and Directors


Neighborhood Concepts is governed by a volunteer board of directors who bring expertise in the areas of real estate development, finance & banking, law, architecture and engineering, social service, community development and civic responsibility. Due to the composition of our board, NCI is recognized as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) by the City of Huntsville and the State of Alabama.

  • Al Jimmerson, Chairman of the Board
  • Joanna Broad White, Vice Chairman
  • Bill McDowell, Secretary
  • Tommie Batts, Treasurer
  • Joe Fuqua, Member
  • Enorris Johnson, Member
  • Jordan Kull, Member
  • Stephen Norris, Member
  • John Cook, Member
  • Philip Dotts, Member


With 55+ combined years of experience in affordable housing and economic development, our staff has the necessary background and expertise to ensure the successful implementation of programs and services designed to further our mission.

Mary Ellen Judah
Executive Director
John Thornton
Loan Fund Manager
Shawnette Myers
Asset Manager
Larkin Rice
Operations Manager